1.      Cleaning Problems

2.      Ink Problems

3.      Color Resolution Problem

4.      Lubricating Problem

5.      Problem on Installation

6.      Long Time no Work on Printer

7.      Air Leak on Ink Cartridge

8.      Damage on Cartridge Chips

9.      Wire Blockage

1. Cartridges Cleaning Problem: 
Main problem:
1) Ink accumulated at printer waste-ink tank, when printing, color mixed.
2) Printer does cleaning procedures automatically.
3) The light indicator on the printer flashing alternately
When do cleaning procedures, it can dredge printer head, get rid of the ink with air bubble, and keep good printing output. However, there is waste-ink calculator in each Epson printer, when it is full, the light indicator will be flashing alternately. Then, you need to send the printer to maintenance center, and clear the calculator to zero. Now, I think you can see you'd better try to do less cleaning. Sometimes, when you do cleaning, you maybe hear some special noise, then you need to stop cleaning, and cleaning the ink leaked out, keep printer silence for about 30 minutes, then this problem can be settled naturally.

For waste-ink calculator, if you need do a lot of printing work, we suggest you to clear the calculator to zero when you use out one full set of system ink (600ml) each time according to EPSON maintenance software.

2. Ink Problem: 
Main problem:
1) When print test pages, you find line missing on one color or several color, but other colors are ok, even after do many cleaning, things keep the same.
2) During printing, you always find wire blocked, printer head blocked or line missing for some colors (most time is the same color).
3) Print output is much difference from original picture.
4) When print photos, the performance is without high resolution and brilliancy. 
5) You can find sediment in the ink of external ink tank.
Above said is resulted from ink quality, suggest you to use our brand ink. Now there are a lot of ink manufacturer, but the quality is much difference. After our test, only a few brand ink is with stable quality, and even less with equal quality to Epson original ink. General speaking, the ink for continuous inking system should be better than for compatible cartridges, and the ink for compatible cartridges will be better than some bulk packed refill ink.

Our ink is made according to our own formula, the performance is vivid with high resolution, and the character is very good for our continuous inking system. 

If you just purchase empty system from us, and use your own ink, you should do some main test on your ink as following:
1. Ink will not block all wires during six month
2. There is no ink sediment during three month.
3. There is no ink dry piece and block printer head in one month.
4. There is no serious line or color missing in 15 days.
5. There is no line missing at next days in five days.
6. After installation finished, the cleaning times will not over three(including natural cleaning)
7. When printing, just light color declination, but black color is good.

3. Color resolution problem:
Main problem:
1) After printing, color file become black output.
2) Printing output is much different from original file or even to the contrary.

Check printing selection to see if you have chosen B&W INK or BLACK OUTPUT, if be sure not , do printing nozzle test, printing test pages, if find serious line missing, please try again. After three times cleaning later, things keep same, please reference to " Air bubble remove from ink cartridge". 
When line test ok, please printing four color or six color block(according to printer model) and contrast it to original color block, try to find our if make mistake on cartridge order. General speaking, the order with four color is Y→M→C→BK; the order with six color is Y→LM→M→LC→C→BK. If cartridges are in wrong order, please take off the ink wire of continuous inking system and clean them clearly, then change the cartridges to new ones.

4. Lubricating problem:
Main problems:
1) During cartridge holder moving, it crush the left and right side of printer, and make special noise.
2) Paper insert button is not work and can't insert new paper.
3) Paper insert indicator light is flashing and shows Signal Error.
4) Printing place is not right and to the left.
These problems main happen on Epson printer 700/780/1200, resulted from the bounce of cartridge holder belt, when you lubricate the cartridge holder rail, these problems can be settled.
Use clean paper to wipe some LB-A lubricating oil on the rail, pull cartridge holder back and forth and let the rail share lubricating oil equally (Do not spray or drop the oil to the rail directly), then go on following steps:
   ·When printer is on, pull out power wire, then cartridge holder .
   ·Find out a white piece that under the black cartridge's holder.
   ·Use tweezers to pull down(forward) this whiter piece, pull out cartridge holder from the right.
   ·Then push cartridge holder to the left till it can't move.
   ·Plug on power wire.
   ·Now cartridge holder belt will reset his place, and cartridge holder will stop at original right side.

5. Problem on Installation:
Main problems:
1) During printing, red indicator light is on.
2) During printing, ink wire always crushes with two sides of printer body.
3) Not well stick the wire rack.
The ink wire length can't be too long, adjust it to the right size.
   ·If ink wire is too long, it will crush the printer body during printing. During printing, pull out power wire, use hand to move cartridge holder to the right and then to the left, adjust wire length.
   ·If ink wire is too short, it will also cause red indicator light flashing during printing, you also need adjust length according above step.
   ·Ink wire crushing with printer body always happen on Epson printer 780/790/810/820/830/C61 etc., the upside body of these printer is in arc shape. If use softer or lighter wire, this problem can be reduced, but it will cause ink blocked problem. Our ink wire is up to the need of continuous inking system, if you well install the system, it can work well.
   ·If you can't well fix the rack, just please change with new sponge sticker.

6. Long time no work on printer: 
Main problems:
1) Printer has not been used for about one month, now it can't work as usual.
2) Printer is not often used, three month later printer have problem on printing.
If long time no use on printer, it may cause following three cases:
   ·If external tank ink surface is lower than printer head, ink will flow back to the tank stronger than to the ink cartridges, so air bubble will resulted at ink cartridges, when printing, you will find line missing.
   ·When printer head at original right side, if rubber seal can't well cover printer head, the air will come in and damage printer head, ink will be dry or oxygen.
·If put printer in the environment of high temperature, dry circumstances, or under direct sunshine, this will result the ink in the wire or printer head to be volatilization, dry or oxygen. 
Following measures will settle above problems, please do accordingly:
   ·If you will not use printer for long time, please print test sheet, you'd better print about 10 pages of four color or six color block, and be sure test result is good.
   ·Do print cleaning step, when cartridge holder at original right side, pull out power wire, move cartridge holder to left side by hand, use wet mop to clean the rubber seal(at right side of printer) carefully, then move back cartridge holder to the right side by hand.
   ·Check ink surface in external tank, do not let ink surface lower than printer head.
   ·Store printer and continuous system in the environment without high temperature and direct sunshine.

7. Air leak on ink cartridges: 
Main problems:
1) During use, one ink wire exist long air bubble
2) During use, all ink wire exist long air bubble
When install continuous inking system, there will exist a little space with air bubble always(under
15cm), you no need to care about this, this is result by the air temperature, when you printing, the air bubble will die away. But if one wire line with very long air bubble, please check cartridge and wire connected jet, perhaps here is not well connected, you can check and connect it again. If all ink wire exist long air bubble, this perhaps is air leak on ink cartridges, please check and change the ink cartridges (most is the cartridges not well sealed)

8. Damage on cartridge chips: 
Main problems:
1) Ink indicator light is in red, it will not change after reopen
2) It is no use even you reset the chips by chip decoder machine
3) When press print head cleaning button, it is no work.
4) Cancel the printing procedures, light is still in red
5) Reopen the computer, light is keep in red.
1) For Epson printer, when you take out cartridges and re-install, it will result line missing, you need do cleaning or testing procedures for several times.
2) If cartridges with chips, please check following cases:
   ·Not well install ink cartridges
   ·Not well fix the chips
   ·Chip pin on the cartridge holder is deformed
   ·Chips have been damaged
When you well install the cartridges and fix the chips, you can settle first and second case, but for third case, it result by taking out the cartridge without well fixed chip in rude, you need ask maintenance person to take out print head, adjust chip pin or change a new one. For fourth cases, it happens when you use chip decoder to reset the chips, and you can use another chip decoder to have a try, if no use, you can only change the chips. Continuous inking system is equipped with permanent chips, you no need to take out the cartridges for chip decode, so it much reduce the possibility of chip damage.
3) Except use chip decoder to reset chips, there are a lot of software to reset the chips, but some software will damage the printer, so you can only do this under the instruction of experienced person.

9. Ink wire blockage: 
Main problems:
1) When you use injector to draw out ink for many times, most drawn out is air.
2) You can't find one color entirely (most is black color)
First take procedures as "pump air from ink cartridge", if you find there is no ink flowing into the injector after hard pump, you can be sure the ink wire is blocked, and please do according following steps:
   ·Cartridge nozzle is blocked.
Seal all the plugs of external ink tank, turn it over, use injector to draw out the ink from cartridge nozzle, then it can be dredged.
   ·Joint elbow is blocked.
Pull out the joint elbow from the upside of cartridges, check if it is blocked. If yes, use clean water to clean it, then use injector to dredge it.
   ·Ink wire blocked.
If you are sure cartridge nozzle and joint elbow is dredged, use injector to draw ink from the cartridge nozzle, if ink surface at external tank will not lower, you can be sure ink wire is blocked. You can first check if there is foreign body at the two sides of ink wire, if yes, try to dredge it. If other parts of the wire blocked, you can only contact with our local distributor.
   ·Air filter at external tank is blocked.
Please check air filter, and clean it.

Note: If you have any other problems with this Continuous Ink System, please contact the local dealer before you returned the whole system. The product needs to be packed securely in its original packing to your supplier (Please make sure the ink filling holes and air holes on Ink tanks are closed with color rubbers and the holes on color bases are closed with white silicon rubbers.) Your product will be repaired at our manufacturing headquarters or at one of our appointed service agents. Once the repairs are completed, the unit will be returned to the address instructed.