(1)Open the hole for refilling                                                    (2) Refill different color inks to the corresponding

                                                                              tanks by separate refill tool




(3) Pull up the refill tool in order to make ití»s                                             (4) Open the holes for free breathing

 inner full of air





(5) Push the air in the toolí»s tube to the tanks                                                (6) In this way, the ink in the tank will flow into

 inside                                                                                  the tube and cartridges                                                                                                                                                




 Put on the the refilling hole.                                                              


Clear the whole cartridge and make it dry.                                                   Open the printerí»s cover




Put the cartridges in the appropriate place.                                                       Put on the tube holder to fix up the tubes in one end.







                                                                                               Install the support arm





                                                                                                Fix up the tubes through support arm.





                                                                                           Install the little plastic pillow in the corner in order

                                                                                            to make the tubes can flow fluently                                                                                                                                            

                                                                                            but not be pressed by the cover of the printer



Adjust the length of the tubes when cartridges

in the different places of the printer.

Especially when it is in the most left and most right.

Make sure it is not too short or too long of the tube.